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Conference Programme

Cultivating Sustainability: Education and the Environmental Humanities



Thursday, October 4

18.00–18.30         Welcome Addresses

18.30–19.30         Keynote: Prof. Dr. Mike Hulme: ‘The Cultural Functions of Climate’ (lecture theatre V, basement floor)

20.30                    Conference Dinner

Friday, October 5

10.00 –11.00         Keynote: Prof. Dr. Helena Feder: ‘Education and the Ecological Turn’

11.15–12.45        Section 1: Environmental Humanities – Environmental Education                 

Greg Garrard: Creating Viewpoint Diversity in the Environmental Humanities

Mareike Tödter: “I can have an impact (?)” - Emphasising Agency through Hannah Arendt’s Concept of the Political

Natalie Dederichs: Teaching Literary Atmospheres: A Theoretical Ground for a Hazy Matter

13.00–13.50        Lunch Break

14.00–15.00        Keynote 2: Prof. Dr. Hubert Zapf: ‘Sustainable Texts: Literature as Cultural Ecology’ 

15.15–16.45        Section 2: Sustaining Literatures and Cultures           

Christian Ludwig & Frank Erik Pointner: “Where were you when the sky cracked open?” – Responses to Hurricane Katrina in Popular Culture

Marta Janachowska-Budych: Migration as a Topic of the Environmental Humanities. Education for Sustainable Development with Texts of Migration Literature

Kübra Baysal: Rewriting Herstory through the Voice of Nature: The Cleft

16.45-17.00        short coffee break

17.00-18.00        Section 2 (cont.)

Jolene Mathieson: Maritime Literature and Critical Pedagogy in the Age of Climate Change

Ricardo Römhild: The Didactical Potential of Ecocritical Documentaries in the EFL Classroom

Saturday, October 6

10.00–11.00 Uhr    Keynote 3: Prof. Dr. Uwe Küchler: ‘What’s in a Language? Environmental Concepts and Metaphors in Foreign Language Education’

11.15–12.45         Section 3: Teaching English in a World of Crisis  

Christiane Hansen: Fictions of Disaster: Climate Change and the Imaginary in a Framework of Cultural Literacy

Svenja Rosenau: Tolerance of Ambiguity and Sustainability-Related Competencies in the EFL Classroom

Claudia Deetjen: Global Learning and Environmental Education: Dystopian Narratives about Environmental Catastrophe in the EFL Classroom

12.45-13.15         Lunch and Coffee Break

13.15-14.15        Section 3 (cont.)

Joannis Kaliampos: Bridging the Curricular divide: Integrating Sustainability and EFL Instruction in a Project (Week) Context for Secondary School Learners of English and Science

Jürgen Wehrmann: Facing Posthuman Scenarios: Global Education through Utopian Thinking and Heuristics of Fear in the EFL Classroom

14.15-14.30        short coffee break

14.30-15.30        Keynote 4: Prof. Dr. Christiane Lütge: ‘Global Digital Citizenship – New Perspectives for Foreign Language Education’

16.30            Conference Wrap-Up